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What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience (CX) is a sum of all interactions and impressions between the product and the customer on the emotional level. These interactions and impressions create a non-conscious emotional imprint that is associated with the product or brand.

As the customer experience is not based on problem-need functional match only, the resulting happiness can create a strong loyalty, rooted in the emotional connection the product made. “It just clicks,” “a perfect match” are the feedback of the perfect experience.


The T-Model of

Customer Experience

When thinking of customer experience vs. user experience, think of a T shape. The horizontal spread is a good CX project, and the vertical length is a typical UX project. A successful CX project encompasses the whole company and gives direction and input to several UX projects. A good CX consulting company can provide an extensive brief to any of your UX projects. A well-executed UX project brings these ideas and directions to life, while maintaining the integrity of the whole CX strategy.

100 Acronyms of CX


Strategy and CX

Customer experience is the final frontier. The ultimate satisfaction. Any new product or service should aim for creating the right experience. Thus your strategy should encompass aspects of the authentic experience your brand and organization can deliver.

Your innovation projects should be carefully selected based on the alignment with the total customer experience strategy.


CX Segmentation

Advantages and the Method

You can group your customers based on the experience they expect. Rational and irrational elements stack up into one decision model, which we call AbilityMatrix. The rational mind creates objective thresholds for any service or product to pass.

On top of these objective elements are the emotional factors, different for each customer but grouped based on the sequence of the emotions.

Any business decision should be made with the final goal of creating the right experience. With the help of experience based segmentation you can identify your target segment where you deliver authentic experiences.

100 Acronyms of CX

Storytelling and Natural

Language Processing –

The New Age of Market Research

Stories have some advantages when compared to qualitative research or quantitative surveys. The information is one coherent block. Paid reviewers don’t take the time to write lengthy posts or create stories just for the review’s sake. Also, creating multiple stories for the same product or problem is not easy. The story provides a lot of contextual information to understand the root cause of the problem and also the limitations of any situation. This can help in understanding where and how your solution will be used and what kind of experience you have to deliver.



Customer Experience Strategy

We cover all fields of customer experience from call centers to sales and marketing, including product and service development. Our holistic approach provides you with quick results. We focus on not only delivering but helping you transform the organization to the new age of digitalization and experience.

Product Strategy

Creating the best experience while minimizing market introduction risks. Our innovation forecast track record is proof of how CX segmentation reduces innovation risk.

Service Design

Cutting edge service development and improvement consulting using AbilityMatrix CX segmentation and service design.

Design Thinking

We facilitate design thinking workshops and provide trainings for product teams and enthusiasts.


Design Thinking, Customer Experience, Service Design, we got you covered. From workshops to trainings, our training range provides you with flexible solutions.

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