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You created your MVP, your landing page is generating thousands of preorders or signups. You launch. Nothing happens. You wonder why? The missing link is the difference between the value proposition and what made people sign up and the actual experience. The landing page defines the problem, and people sign up because they want a solution. Not because your solution fits them.

It’s time to focus on the minimum valuable experience. That’s what companies and customers pay for. That’s how you generate value to them.

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UX vs. CX

If you are in B2B you can’t just apply the UX tools as there are multiple decision makers, gatekeepers, multiple sales channels and influencers. Even worse for a HW startup as the actual experience is defined by experiences beyond any good UX measurement.

You need to understand where the final value will come from. The experience your customers are ready to pay for.

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Thinking Lean vs. Being Lean

Both B2B and HW businesses experience that the holy grail of Lean Method is not working out for them. The reason is simple. A functional MVP just proves that you can do it. It just doesn’t prove that customers will pay for it. This is the key difference between B2C and B2B or HW startups.

The MVP doesn’t make people pay. You have to keep thinking lean but in another way.

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The Lean Experience Strategy

Our product-market fit consulting will help you understand the Lean Experience Strategy concept and provide you with the necessary knowledge to move forward. We guide you through the product-market fit process until you get your first paying customers and a scalable model.

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Pivot and Product Strategy

We analyse your product or service and provide you with options
for better product-market fit and therefore better value-fit.
We make sure to utlize all options to keep you afloat as long as possible.

Go To Market Strategy

Given the potential product-market fits, we create
a strategy that you and your team can execute.
Low cost, step-by-step no-nonsense approach.

Business Development

Execution is everything. If you don’t have the manpower or
experience to execute, we can provide you with a team with track record
in getting you the first clients or getting you funded. Crowdsourcing,
B2B sales, exhibitions and startup competitions, pitching,
we’ve got you covered. 400k in preorders, 3 MM USD in seed funding,
multiple startup competition finals all around the world.

Support in VC Negotiations

When you reach this point you want to make sure,
that you are armed with heavyweights.
You can only negotiate your first VC deal once and better not mess it up.

Corporate Acceleration

AbilityMatrix is working with Fortune 500 clients worldwide and
we are connected to Digital Accelerators of these companies.
If your startup fits and you want to negotiate an acceleration deal with these companies,
we’ve got your back. We can tell you the benefits of each acceleration program,
the mentors behind the program, their background and what you can get out of it.

And what you can’t.

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