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Amazing 94.7% Success Rate

New product development and strategy was always part art, part science. The last 25 years added to both the art and the science. Neuromarketing, behavioral economics, behavioral design, emotion based market segmentation, gamification are all new fields that help better depict customer behavior and create products that people desire.

“Clients make emotional decisions when buying. You need more than just numbers to understand what they need. You need to know what they desire to create a product that drives loyalty. That’s what AbilityMatrix delivered.”

A.W. (Product Manager, a Fortune 50 company)

AbilityMatrix was born 2009 and is actively developed since. Past almost 50 000 customer stories helped us create unprecedented success in forecasting and building new products.
We build on what are the core values of companies: the brand, the processes, assets and add to these dimensions the new: emotions and behaviors. The real face of customers, to create unparalleled success.
We create new products and services, predict success and failure. Researching these methods and creating cutting edge product strategy design framework, AbilityMatrix is able to predict product success and customer behavior. With 94.7% success, 18 out 19 forecasts were spot on. Most of them in the turbulent technology sector. And the only one we missed so far? We predicted that Apple Watch will be a fashion item and thus it will most likely have a round face. Everything else spot on.

Perception is the new reality

Everybody has a different perception
of your product or service.

Build the product that drives the perception through its features.

How do we make the 94.7% success rate?

Plenty of methods exist to cover product or service design. Most of them use the same building blocks, just change the focus or the order. AbilityMatrix is used by startups, large enterprises with the same result. We make subconscious business intuitions conscious, predictable, and quantifiable. Day in, day out, no matter the product or market. We help connect the dots and make the intuitive process of customer experience based design a repetitive, conscious process.

Market Research & Validation
Go To Market
AbilityMatrix is a VISUAL FRAMEWORK that helps connect previously unconnected business, product and consumer behavior elements.
Using the framework ideation becomes laser sharp focused and can have an early in-house validation in minutes. This validation focuses on sync of customers and brand: will they accept it from that brand? Can we successfully bring it to market?
Most methods focus on picking the best idea. We select the most feasible idea. Feasible concerning brand, market, customer behavior and other business constraints. Cutting pivot and go to market time and expense by at least one magnitude.
With AbilityMatrix, you only leave in the product what can drive emotional connection and drop the rest. Saving you tons of hours and money.
We can do it without prototypes with the same reliability as other companies with prototypes. The reason is the unparalleled, proprietary method to map customer emotions.
We provide a strategic framework to decide what features to develop and test with other methods. Again saving resources in every stage and giving a visual help to make intuition a conscious decision for all parties involved.
We provide you with a different communication approach that focuses on features but creates a coherent emotional footprint that resonates with the deepest desires of customers.

Market Research & Validation
Go To Market

“It’s easy to design a good product. A successful one? Not so much. Being successful over and over again is even more rare.
AbilityMatrix enables us to enter the market with successful products only.”

Product and Service Design Strategy aims to create not only the best but also the most successful products and services. In any given situation or framework. No matter the limitations.

And successful means sales friendly and profitable.

The brand, the market, the business constraints and other independent factors all together create a framework in which the new product must thrive. That’s where we excel.

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